Advance Australia Fair
Assembly and Events Version
from Bushfire Press

A fabulous current version of the National Anthem complete with traditional didgeridu and contemporary electric guitars.

Just plug your iPad, iPhone, iPod or Macbook into the PA and you have your choice of projected flag and lyrics video and sung anthem, sung anthem or just backing for your assemblies!
  • One or two verses
  • Videos with sung anthem
    and lyrics subtitles
  • Audio tracks - sung or just backing
  • Score and guitar chords with lyrics

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Advance Australia Fair

Performance version also available as
  • CD with booklet .. or
  • eBook from Apple iBooks
Performance versions both contain
  • Both 1 & 2 verse versions in a SINGABLE key, performed by children.
  • Both 1 & 2 verse backing tracks
  • Demos and scores of descant, treble, tuned & untuned percussion & guitar parts plus demo of full ensemble.
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