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Carnival of the Animals
Carnival of the Animals from Bushfire Press

Carnival of the Animals from Bushfire Press
Carnival of the Animals

Adapted and arranged by Lauren Fairbairn, with poems by Rob Fairbairn Saint-Saens' immortal collection of whimsical pieces has been brought to the classroom in this elegant suite for descant recorder.
12 pieces, each with 3 parts.

Each piece has an introductory poem written by Rob Fairbairn. The poems are as whimsical as the musical pieces and are included on the CD.

A great concert item/performance piece
With the recorder parts and the reading of the poems - you have a great, ready-made concert item. Add some dancers to perform appropriate movements and you can make it even better!

The pieces
  • Royal March of the Lion
  • Hens & Roosters
  • Tortoises
  • The Elephant
  • The Kangaroo
  • Aquarium
  • Characters with long Ears (Donkeys)
  • The Cuckoo
  • Pianists
  • Fossils
  • The Swan
  • Finale

Photocopiable book and CD (demos & backings)
$59.95 inc GST (A$54.50 outside Australia)


Piano Score and backing CD
$66.00 inc GST (A$60.00 outside Australia)



We have the entire "Royal March of the Lion" available for you to try with your class.
We have sheet music for all ensemble parts, the paino score,
and demo track for each part, the ensemble and the piano.
You will find the activity here. Try it on your iPad!

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