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Queries and Orders

Bushfire Press
51 McLaughlans Lane
Plenty VIC 3090, Australia
Tel: +61 3 9434 2259
Tel: (03) 9434 2259 from Australia
Fax: +61 3 9434 2209
Fax: (03) 9434 2209 from Australia
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  • Please use contacts below for all submissions queries.
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    Submissions for Publication

    Bushfire Press is an Australian publishing house servicing Arts Education in primary and post primary schools and non-professional and youth theatre. We publish music, dance, drama, media and visual arts materials such as cross-arts courses (integrated music, dance, drama, media, visual arts), musicals, rock opera, mini musicals, pantomime, plays, skits, sketches, drama units and resources, musical instrument courses and resources and dance resources.

    If you have a great collection of recorder pieces, multi-instrument arrangements, choral pieces, music games, dance steps, drama ideas, media activities or visual arts material - or any other course or resource that you have put together - you may wish to submit the idea to us for publication.

    This can be done by submitting a one page outline of your idea and a one page biography only. We will contact you and let you know if we feel it is in our area and if so, we will ask you to send us either samples or the whole work.

    Send your submission directly to the publisher, Mark Leehy, by Email.
    Attachments are to be in MS Word ot text format.

    Please bear in mind that we cannot publish everything that crosses our desks, but we are most happy to look at your idea and give it our consideration.
    We do not publish novels or picture fiction; we do publish courses and resources for Arts education in the pre-school, primary and secondary areas.

    Snail mail: 13 Hillside Gve, Upwey Vic 3158 (Australia)
    If sending material by post, a stamped, self-adressed envelope (SAE) must be included

    Tel: (61 3) 9752 6502
    Please call between office hours and only if necessary. Mark prefers email, snail mails or faxes. Call Mark for the number if you have a submission to send by fax.
    Bushfire Press Pty Ltd
    ABN 94 007 166 225
    51 McLaughlans Lane
    Plenty VIC 3090, Australia
    Tel: +61 3 9434 2259
    Tel: (03) 9434 2259 from Australia
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