Bushfire Press The Interactive Music Room
Book 1 (beginning primary).

The Interactive Music Room

Book 1(beginning primary)

Music Room Interactive Book 1
Support Material

Instructional Videos
There is an instructional DVD included with the package which has Cheryl demonstrating the various fuctions available for you to use - and how to use them. The videos on this DVD are also available for you to watch on-line.
You can see them here.

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Copying IMR to your PC
Permission is given to the original purchaser to copy The Interactive Music Room, Book 1 program onto a MAXIMUM of THREE computers
Instructions here.

Downloading Easiteach Reader to your PC
Instructions here.

We have been alerted to an error in the teachers book for 'The Interactive Music Room book 1'.
On p 41, the BLM is incorrect - it refers to tempo and should refer to dynamics.
You can download the correct copy of the BLM here

Free Activities

We have two free activities for you to try.

from Unit 1 Lesson 3
Try The Interactive Music Room for yourself! We have the lesson and support material for you to download. All you need to try it is available - even if you don't have an interactive whiteboard. Download it here.

from Unit 1 Lesson 7
Activity 4.
Responding through Moving - The Fast and Slow Song
Download it here.

  • Data disk (CD) containing the interactive program
  • Installer disk (CD) for Easiteach Player
  • Instructional DVD showing how to navigate and use the program
  • Teacher manual (with worked solutions etc)
  • Black Line Masters – for students’ worksheets
Music education in a Brain Based Learning environment.

Only 5% of our brain is dedicated to sound (we can process10, 000 bits per second-hearing) whereas 25%-33% of the brain processes sight (7 billion bits per seconds-visual pictures, props).

With The Interactive Music Room students get the best of both worlds: SOUND and SIGHT.

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