Bushfire Press The Interactive Music Room
Book 3 (lower primary).

Music Room Interactive Book 3 Published by Bushfire Press
by Rob Fairbairn, Mark Leehy and Kevin O’Mara
Illustrated by Bradfield Dumpleton
Adapted for interactive whiteboard by Cheryl Burgemeister
  • Beat and rhythm
  • pitch and melody
  • structure and expression (form, dynamics, tempo, tone colour, texture)
  • ... plus context and style.
You can purchase Interactive Music Room here
* Currently available for the PC only. Mac version available soon

Each lesson created in Easiteach® with interactive components allowing the students to operate the interactive whiteboard.

Students can touch the screen to:
  • animate characters
  • touch and reveal
  • drag and drop
  • start and stop music
  • play virtual sounds and notes

You can try out Interactive Music Room for yourself. We have a free demonstration lesson from Book 2 including the Easiteach reader for you to download. You don't need an IWB to try it - it can all be simulated on your computer. Find the lesson here.

You can find support material for Music Room Interactive including
  • Instructions for copying IMR to your PC
  • Instructional videos
  • by clicking here

    There is an instructional DVD included with the package which has Cheryl demonstrating the various fuctions available for you to use - and how to use them.
    The videos on the DVD for Book 1 are available for you to watch on-line.
    You can see them here.

    You can also see a segment of the Book 2 DVD with
    the free demonstration lesson we have available for you here

    • Data disk (CD) containing the interactive program
    • Installer disk (CD) for Easiteach Player
    • Instructional DVD showing how to navigate and use the program
    • Teacher manual (with worked solutions etc)
    • Black Line Masters – for students’ worksheets
    Music education in a Brain Based Learning environment.

    Only 5% of our brain is dedicated to sound (we can process10, 000 bits per second-hearing) whereas 25%-33% of the brain processes sight (7 billion bits per seconds-visual pictures, props).

    With The Interactive Music Room students get the best of both worlds: SOUND and SIGHT.

    Order your copy now. Just click here.

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