Bushfire Press Music Room Book 5 .
(middle primary)
By Rob Fairbairn, Mark Leehy & Kevin O’Mara

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Unit 1 Lesson 1 - Get Funky
New beats and rhythms

Unit 1 Lesson 7 - Beat Box Boogie
Boogie Woogie Feel and Vocal Harmony

Book 5 is a full colour, fully illustrated Teacher Book and features
  • 4 units – One year's lesson plans
  • Music, lyrics, lesson plans, illustrations
  • Reproducable Charts
  • Proformas
  • Evaluation and tracking
  • 4 CDs with songs and backings and additional music.
  • DVD
  • Web support
    - with all Australian state's outcomes and additional material
The DVD comes with instrument demonstrations, dance demonstrations, rhythm patterns and song actions.

It also has material for the students to view for the unit 3 lessons: 'Exploring Sound – musical pictures'. This exciting unit allows students to explore the relationship between music and image. They work with slide shows, graphic scores, storyboards, silent movies, mime and foley (movie sound effects).

CD ROM of charts, lyrics, music, arrangements (ideal for data projection, enlarging, etc)
Revised copy of Chart 4

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Music Room
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