Bushfire Press Music Room Book 7 .
(upper primary and lower secondary)
By Rob Fairbairn, Mark Leehy & Kevin O’Mara

The winner of
The Best Primary Teaching Resource
at the Australian Educational Publishing Awards 2012

Set out in actual lesson plans!
A fun, easy-to-use program for class teacher and music specialist

Music Room book 7 – upper primary
  • Full colour book
  • 4 audio CDs
  • DVD (over 25 instructional & background videos, demos etc)
  • Charts
  • Evaluation & tracking
  • Web support – background info on musical styles,
    links, state outcomes
Check out the Intro Video from Music Room 7.

We have two free activities for you try
  • Unit 1 Lesson 1 (inc. 6 videos and 2 audio tracks and lyrics chart)
  • "Koolori" - including (inc. 3 videos, audio track and lyrics chart)

The Last Music Room

We have been recording and filming material for Music Room book 7 – upper primary. This is the final instalment in the series and has been the hardest but most rewarding level of the program. It was so important to keep up the standard and to keep up the level of student engagement – which, as you know, is trickier with senior primary students. So we retained the services of some wonderful and outstanding experts. The result is a fabulous set of units:
  • Rhythm & Rhyme - rap & hip hop rhythms & rhyming loops, turnarounds, chords,
  • Body & Beat - rhythm, movement & choreography, body percussion, found objects
  • Words & Music - generating lyrics, making melodies, using tempo, creating songs, grooves & colours
  • Fun ‘n’ Games - a cracker of an ending to the program, with musical puzzles, musical art, listening & singing games, moving games, musical parlour games, battle of the bands … and a class party!
As usual there are 4 audio CDs of music (one per unit) and over an hour of DVD footage – including a premier hip hop crew, an introduction to gumleaf and didgeridu from Gunnai Man (and recent ‘Spicks & Specks’ guest) Wayne Thorpe, the art of beatboxing demystified by vocal gymnast Mal Webb … and a host of dance steps, theory and playing techniques.

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Music Room Book 7

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Free Activity

To celebrate, we are offering the first lesson IN FULL for you to try.
The lesson is Rap Rhythm
and we have
  • Full lesson plan
  • 2 audio tracks - vocals and backing
  • 6 video clips
  • 2 charts Mal Webb shows you how to Beat Box
    Jacqui Yuan shows you how to dance Hip Hop
    Rob and Mark demonstrate Rap Rhythms.

    This is exciting stuff and and your students will love it! And it's all ready for you at here

  • Music Room
    from Bushfire Press