Bushfire Press Music Room Book 7 .
(upper primary)
By Rob Fairbairn, Mark Leehy & Kevin O’Mara
Now Available!

Set out in actual lesson plans!
A fun, easy-to-use program for class teacher and music specialist

Music Room book 7 – upper primary
  • Full colour book
  • 4 audio CDs
  • DVD (over 25 instructional & background videos, demos etc)
  • Charts
  • Evaluation & tracking
  • Web support – background info on musical styles,
    links, state outcomes
Check out the Intro Video from Music Room 7.

Sample Activity

Last time we gave you hip hop. This time we’re giving you traditional Aboriginal moves – and a great song (KOOLORI) co-written by Rob Fairbairn and Gunnai man Wayne Thorpe. See how the gumleaf and the didgeridu are played, learn some easy moves … and put together a stunning performance in your classroom! There are DVD movies, CD tracks and PDFs of charts … and even the complete lesson plan.

We just know you and your students are in for a great time. Thanks to all of you who have supported the progress of Music Room. Enjoy the free activity!

  • Video introduction introducing the gumleaf and didge
  • Video of the song performed displaying lyrics
  • Lyrics chart for the song
  • mp3 track of the song
  • Video about movements, beats and rhythms for the song
  • Link to web based material including background information for your lesson and other videos.
Music Room Book 7

Music Room Book 7 has come back from the printers and is
now available!

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DVD Selection
Wayne Thorpe introduces Koolori with Gumleaf and Didgeridoo

DVD Selection
Koolori - Song with Lyrics

DVD Selection
Wayne Thorpe explains Movement, Rhythms and Beats for Koolori

Download the lyrics chart as a pdf.

Click here for the Vocal Track.

For some background that you can use for your lesson, check out the web based support available on the Bushfire Press website.

Music Room
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