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Welcome to a brilliant new series of filmed music workshops.

We have some of the world's best, most creative and innovative music teachers and PD presenters right here in this country. But it's not always possible to see them in action.

But, now ... if you can't come to the workshop - the workshop can come to you.
We are in the process of releasing the first titles in our series of filmed workshops.
Be inspired, pick up tips, tricks and ideas and start using them with your students immediately.

Digital Portfolios
Lauren Fairbairn

Recorder without tears!
Loads of tips, tricks and techniques for engaging your recorder players, keeping them engaged and assessing/recording them. Games, activities, songs and fun ways to teach skills and techniques - and to keep your students practicing those skills and techniques!

Join author and presenter Lauren Fairbairn as she steps you through setting up a program, first lessons, continued lesson norms, assessment and reporting, performance hints and much more. AND - no experience is required for this journey: all notes, charts, proformas, music and audio are provided.

Recorders are an invaluable tool for:
  • Developing music skills and understanding the music elements - such as pitch, rhythm, timbre, dynamics, tempo etc.
  • Developing improvisation.
  • Teaching the value of teamwork, utilising cooperative learning and showing the importance of rehearsal.
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Digital Portfolios
Cheryl Burgemeister

    As an older teacher where new technologies are not intuitive, I really like the idea of being able to replay the videos and follow them step by step. I feel much more confident that I can effectively use these technologies to engage students in their own learning enquiries. Thank you - this was fantastic, keep up the great work and look forward to more of these.
    J A Foley
    I recently purchased "Digital Portfolios" and think it can benefit my way of teaching and assessing and will encourage students to take a more active role in their assessment using the iPad. A helpful PD!
    Lana Ford
Are you looking for a different way to assess and showcase students' work from formative to summative work samples?

Join author and presenter Cheryl Burgemeister as she steps you through the process of recording, collating and sharing evidence for Assessment in a digital form, allowing you to view and listen to your student's work in the one document. Access can be provided to teacher, student, school and parent as required.

Inc. tutorial videos, audio, notes, charts, proformas, outcomes checklists

Watch the intro VIDEO

More information about purchasing,
support material and accreditation.

Puppets and Props in the Music Room Tamara O'Brien

Puppets and props are excellent tools for the music room. They can be used to introduce many aspects of music making to young children and also offer instant opportunities for inclusion. Most of all, they are fun and engaging to work with and will excite all children in your class.

Join Tamara O'Brien, author of the internationally acclaimed We're Orff! program (and international music education presenter) on a close encounter of the puppet kind.

Watch the intro VIDEO

More information about purchasing,
support material and accreditation.

Everything is Music
Ros McMillan

Musical learning through any topic
2 units for level 1 and level 2 students.

Join Dr Ros McMillan as she shows us that everything can be turned into a musical experience. No experience is required for this journey and all instructions, charts, music and audio are provided. Simply watch the videos, pick something you enjoy and do it immediately with your students. Curriculum and learning outcomes also addressed.

Watch the intro VIDEO

More information about purchase,
support material and accreditation.

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