Music Theory for Cool Cats

Music Craft
for Cool Cats
by Deana Dodds
illustrated by Jock Macneish

from Bushfire Press
Music Craft For Cool Cats
Deana Dodds
Preliminary Book A

We have two free sample activities available from this book.
You will find one on Note Values here
and one on Rhythms here

Compatible with all major theory syllabuses:
  • Each book comes with its own set of memory cards to assist with rote learning
  • Follows directly from Beginner Book B
  • Fun activities that challenge children to think
  • Treble clef only perspective
  • Introduces: major scales of C ,F and G and intervals
  • general knowledge components with a unit on instruments of the orchestra
  • some of the most commonly used Italian musical terms
  • Ideal for classroom or individual instruction
  • The Cool Cats series of music books now being utilised by thousands of students across Australia.

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Download Worked Solutions (answers)
for Music Craft for Cool Cats Preliminary Book A

Download Teacher's Notes
for Music Craft for Cool Cats Preliminary Book A