OK - you're in the right place to explore this exciting new recorder resource.
Recorder Room is now ready for your iPad and for your Mac using iBooks from the iTunes Store.
It may be available on Android and/or PC in the future - but we do not have a date set for this as yet.

Students and parents - you need to go here!

Introducing Recorder Room

Using Recorder Room

Check out more video samples.



There are 20 lesson plans, ALL laid out with in-line audio examples and backing tracks, additional percussion scores, plus in-line charts, music and lyrics for instant data projection,
PLUS hours of in-line video of male and female teachers actually teaching your students and playing along with them.
Everything you need is on the 'virtual' page and at the touch or swipe of a finger! It couldn't be simpler ... the easiest and most engaging way ever to teach recorder.
Connect your iPad or Mac to a projector and you can present videos, music notation or percussion charts and play audio tracks or backings.


Students can use their iPad iBooks app to review instructional videos, and practise to charts arrangements or audio tracks.
They can also watch videos and try out material for forthcoming lessons - which will make the teaching of those lessons a little easier.

Students will be able use their iPad iBooks app at school to view charts or arrangements, do solo or group work.

How to use Recorder Room

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There are videos further down the page showing how in only one lesson, your students can produce a very satisfying sound and feel they have really accomplished something -
by "Playing Only B" !

Watch sample videos from Recorder Room 1
If the video below won't play for you, try

If the video below won't play for you, try HERE

Purchase Recorder Room

Purchase Recorder Room

Download the sample book free -
It has the entire first lesson!
Try it out with your class.

Just follow this link and
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  • For your students - you can print this flyer and give it to your students to purchase the student edition at home.

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