A workshop tutorial with Lauren Fairbairn

Recorder without tears!
Loads of tips, tricks and techniques for engaging your recorder players, keeping them engaged and assessing/recording them. Games, activities, songs and fun ways to teach skills and techniques - and to keep your students practicing those skills and techniques!

Join author and presenter Lauren Fairbairn as she steps you through setting up a program, first lessons, continued lesson norms, assessment and reporting, performance hints and much more. AND - no experience is required for this journey: all notes, charts, proformas, music and audio are provided.

Recorders are an invaluable tool for:
  • Developing music skills and understanding the music elements - such as pitch, rhythm, timbre, dynamics, tempo etc.
  • Developing improvisation.
  • Teaching the value of teamwork, utilising cooperative learning and showing the importance of rehearsal.

This PD session includes ...
  • How to set up a program
  • How to handle the first lesson
  • How to set up routines & continued lesson norms
  • Engagement and retention
  • Skills, techniques and exercises
  • Solo and group work
  • Working with varying skill levels
  • Adding percussion
  • Improvising
  • Assessment & tracking
  • Performing
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Resources provided in Recorder Tips and Tricks
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  • AUSVELS outcomes tracking
  • Professional Development accreditation

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