Drama Resources
This month's activities come from one of our new titles in 2007,
The Final 40 Simple Drama Games.
All are ideal as an introductory activity for a drama or music lesson.
These activities come from .....
The Final 40 Simple Drama Games
by Domm Camenzuli.
Subject: Drama
Topic: Warm ups
Aim: To develop individual awareness, concentration and observation.
To develop team member recognition.

How it works:
  • Students in a circle with their backs to the centre.
  • One student is in the centre.
  • On a command, all turn and observe the student in the centre.
  • On a command, all turn away from the centre.
  • The student in the centre of the circle now alters something slightly on their person (eg. Undo a button or move hair).
  • On a command, students turn around and discover the difference.

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The free activities we are offering from this book are ...
40 More Simple Drama Games - more details and buy

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  • purchase a copy.

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