by Lynne Bartlett, Mark Leehy & Kevin O'Mara
published by Bushfire Press

Music, chant, instrumental playing, drama, mime, movement
A junior performance piece using rap-style chant, simple percussion playing, simple acting parts and various simple dance forms to tell the old favourite tale of the GINGERBREAD MAN.

Duration: 10-15 min.
A timeless favourite re-told in a bright, modern way through movement & dance (The Twist, The Nutbush, Line Dance, Macarena & Charleston) with provision for simple untuned percussion and chant.
Dance steps & recipe included.
It comes as a PHOTOCOPIABLE book & CD and includes:
  • script & chants
  • simple staging ideas
  • easy direction
  • dance steps & illustrations for the Twist, Line Dance, the Charleston, the Nutbush and the Macarena.
  • simple costume & prop suggestions and illustrations, ultra-simple percussion score for pots, pans, wooden spoons, graters and rice containers (or other kitchen 'instruments')
  • recorded examples of the rap-chants and the percussion
  • backings for the dances
  • and even a recipe for making a GINGERBREAD MAN!

    Free Activity
    We are making available one of the dance forms used in The Gingerbread Man - the CHARLESTON.
    We include some background information, dance steps and ideas and a CD track of appropriate music (from The Gingerbread Man).

    You will find it here.

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