Counting the Beats

Monty the moggy with the marvellous memory reminds us that:

Monty the moggy with the marvellous memory crotchet crotchet rest Crotchets and crotchet rests are worth ONE beat each
minim minim rest Minims and minim rests are worth
TWO beats each
semibreve Semibreves are worth
FOUR beats each
pair of quavers A pair of quavers is worth
ONE beat
whole bar rest A whole bar rest uses up
ALL the beats in a bar

Join the dots to match each rectangle to a circle. Use your ruler.

Write the counts for the following pieces of music. Use a different colour for each bar. Remember that the top number of the time signature tells you how many beats there are in a bar.

Now try the puzzle

From the book Music Theory for Cool Cats Beginners Book B
Deana Dodds
Bushfire Press