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Voice Exploration

Bouncing Ball Exercise 1 - Bouncing Ball
Using the 'doo' sound with the voice, bounce an imaginary ball,
following the changes in height with changing pitch of the voice.
Add a 'boing' sound effect each time it hits the ground.
See how high the ball can bounce.

This is an ideal remedial activity for children with monotone singing voices.

Exercise 2 - Egg Throwing Competition
Children in pairs. One child throws an imaginary egg high into the air towards a partner. The thrower maps the egg's flight using a doo sound, changing in pitch as it travels through the air.
The sound stops when the partner 'catches' the egg. Swap riles.

Exercise 3 - Pitch Maps
The pich of the voice moves up and down when singing.
Download Track 3 CD 1 in mp3 format Show the students the four pitch maps below and ask them to match the example heard on this track from the CD.
You can download the track in mp3 format here.

Have the children 'copy' the voices on the CD and 'sing' the pitch map.

Four more pitch maps are found below. Have individual children 'sing' these with their voices.

The children now draw their own pitch maps and perform them to the class. These may be based on everyday voice sounds such as sighing or yawning.

The children can also 'sing' pitch maps that others or the teacher has 'composed'.

Pitch Map Game
Materials: Four different pitch map flash cards. Multiple copies of each card.

  1. Select 4 children and give each a different card. They stand in each corner of the room.

  2. Give the rest of the children a card. They should look only at their own card.

  3. The 4 standing children simultaneously sing their pitch maps. They keep repeating.

  4. The other children look at their cards and listen to match their card with one of the four singers.

  5. When they match their card to one of the singers, thhey move to that corner.

  6. The game ends when one of the 'singers' has all the children with her/his card behind him/her, sitting in a line.

From Start Singing with the Cool Cats Kids.
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