Songs to Grow With Volume 2 from Bushfire Press

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Songs To Grow With Volume 2
Lifeskills through music (book & CD)

Lyn Thomas & Janet Stutley
10 action-based songs, covering celebrations and special events, day and night, finger tricksand counting, fine motor skills, road safety, self-esteem, nutrition, seasonsand more.

This publication is a book & CD of 10 songs specially designed by Lyn Thomas (Upbeat) and Janet Stutley to address basic skills through music.

The topics covered include
  • Self esteem
  • Road safety
  • Celebrations & special events
  • Nutrition
  • fine motor skills
  • Body awareness
  • Counting 1-10
  • Seasons
  • circles
  • Day & Night
  • Musical instruments
This title is currently out of print.
You can, however, download individual lessons and tracks from the Bushfire Press Download Store.
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